A serenity prayer for my work in dementia

I was asking a very wise and experienced senior physician how my work in dementia was really getting me down, but in terms of how competitive I’d begun to not being invited to any conferences or being cited.

The most parsimonious reason, actually, is that my peers think my work is truly shit.

And that very wise person reminded me of ‘the serenity prayer’.


I am fortunate to be living with my mum, having survived a six week coma with acute bacterial meningitis in 2007. Whilst that event rendered my disabled, I have lived with full contentment in recovery, being regulated by both the law and medical professions.

I have been in recovery for nine years. Without it, I’d be not alive. I take each day as it comes.

Thank you very much to that wise person – you know who you are.


Dr Shibley Rahman



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