Dementia health care and wellbeing – a person-centred integrated approach. My book for April 2017.

before editing

Dr Shibley Rahman

Queen’s Scholar BA (1st Class) MA PhD (all Cambridge); MRCP(UK) LLM MBA

Forewords by

Prof Sube Banerjee

Lisa Rodrigues

Lucy Frost

For publication: March 20th 2017 Jessica Kingsley Publishers

About this book:

This book brings different strands in dementia bang up to date. It coincides with the publication of the new NICE guidance “Assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and the carers” to be published in November 2017, as well as publication of the “Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework”. It is a coherent evidence-based synthesis of the importance of a person-centred integrated approach, and discusses how integrated care pathways might facilitate this. It is sometimes forgotten that a fundamental right to health underpins wellbeing across all settings, including in care homes (and nursing homes), at home and in hospices, but it is often forgotten that physical health is an important component of wellbeing. This book therefore covers a diverse range of topics including also mental health in care homes, meaningful activities in residential settings, the whole health and social care ecosystem including getting into and out of hospital in a timely manner, as well as enablement through targeted support. Key themes such as dignity in health, care and wellbeing straddle key strands in personhood, human rights and the biomedical approach, and these themes are of critical prominence in service improvement through research, regulation and nurturing of staff. The book will be of help to people living with dementia, carers, dementia leads, care home managers, commissioners, professionals and practitioners, and academics, as well as interested members of the public.


Chapter 1

Preventing well and diagnosing well

Chapter 2

Overview of caring well

Chapter 3

Caring well: physical health and medication reviews

Chapter 4

Caring well: mental health

Chapter 5

Cognitive stimulation, cognitive rehabilitation and life story

Chapter 6

Oral health and swallowing difficulties

Chapter 7

Promoting wellbeing

Chapter 8

Sexuality and spirituality

Chapter 9

Research, regulation and staff

Chapter 10

Care homes and integrated care

Chapter 11

Supporting well and independence

Chapter 12

Dying well and end of life

Chapter 13

Living well at home

Chapter 14




It is my great pleasure to dedicate this book to two people.

First, I am thankful to Prof Martin Rossor. I worked for Prof Rossor in 2002 as a junior at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. His contribution to clinical care and research in dementia has been exceptional.

Second, I would like to give special thanks to Prof Dawn Brooker. Whilst I have never personally worked for Prof Brooker, her contribution in personhood and dementia has been remarkable against the reality of the NHS, and she personally has been inspirational for many leaders in dementia around the world.

I should like to thank especially Prof Sube Banerjee, Lisa Rodrigues and Lucy Frost for kindly writing forewords to this book. And finally, I should like to thank enormously Chris Roberts for giving me the idea to write this book, the third in fact in my ‘trilogy’.




Dr Shibley Rahman

London, September 2016




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