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Dementia Society best campaigner of the year 2016 awarded to ten people equally

The following were shortlisted for the best campaigner with dementia for 2016 for the Dementia Society.


After much consideration, the judging panel has decided to make this award to all campaigners equally.  The finalists will therefore all share this award, as there was nothing to differentiate between them.

The judging panel wanted to commend them on how all the finalists have formed an unique close community in raising awareness about the dementias sometimes having a marked impact on national and international policy, and wanted to mention especially their commitment to a strong sense of peer support and encouragement. Finally, the panel wishes to point out that the list of finalists for this year was not meant to be a complete representation of the brilliant work done by all UK campaigners in the dementias.

24 October 2016

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