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This is devoted to an open discussion of health and wellbeing of older people, including why they might be at risk of illnesses or diseases or, conversely, how people might be encouraged to ‘age healthily’.

But the sum of the whole is more than the sum of the individual parts. Likewise, we need to appreciate that there are different levels of analysis, ranging from single cells to whole societies. And it is more than a ‘medicine’ or ‘intervention’, given by a doctor. This is about how we live our lives, and make the most of time.

It’s striking how there is a body of the presentation of illness which is consistent, but we risk not appreciating fully complexity of older people, particularly if they are living with factors which make them healthy or ill, including numerous prescribed medications. Not all of life can be easily predicted by controlled trials, and the reasons why some older people thrive, and some people don’t, should interest all of us.


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a forum for open discussion about the health and wellbeing of older people